Ngandu pulls off another great show

By Rosalia David

RECENTLY, Ngandu Events pulled off another brilliant live show with performing acts such as Ethnix and Top Cheri bringing their A game while adding a different flair to their songs on ‘Rock the boat’ YouTube series.
In an interview with Confidente following the successful event which took place in Rundu, show producer and director Michael Kayunde described the event as a ‘vibe’ saying that musicians got to perform on a boat at the Kavango River while watching the sunset.

“The last show was amazing. The artists were really a vibe and they came with a whole troupe to Rundu from Windhoek to come support. One could tell they had a beautiful experience on a boat watching the sunset,” he said.

Kayunde added that organising a show as such has been fun but most importantly a learning experience for him.
He said, “What we are doing is unprecedented so we are all learning with each and every production we have.”
Each artist got the opportunity to get dressed by local designers for their performances providing exposure for Namibian designers.
Asked on what some of the challenges are when it comes to organising an event as such, Kayunde said, every production has its own challenges explaining:
“For the recent shoots one of those challenges was the road access to the campsite being bad due to rain so getting to the site was a challenge for smaller cars. A constant challenge that has applied to all the shoots we’ve had so far is a limit in financial resources for us to execute all our ideas the way we plan them but Ngandu Events is a team of very innovative young people who are solutions-based so we try our best to make it work.

On whether they have any plans to host international artists, Kayunde said they are open to growth, but said they are not in a hurry for that.
“We want to grow organically.

So international artists will be featured when the time and resources allow,” he added.
Questioned on what is unique about the show, he said it is a platform for artists to perform their art at a time when gigs are scarce and through their show, they get to engage with their fans and also show another side of their artistry.
“Namibia hasn’t had a platform of this nature before so it really showcases artists and their talent like never before,” he said.
‘Rock The Boat’ is a half-hour YouTube series filmed by Silas Film World, Black Cat Films and E. Sitentu Photography and the trailer of the last show is out on YouTube.