Ngandu TV bringing back traditional African style

By Confidente Reporter

NGANDU TV founded by Andreas Gustav and Michael Kayunde has introduced a new show named ‘Night around the fire’ where performing musicians will interact with an audience around a fire.

The show’s first episode premiered last week and featured musician M-Gee.

“The show takes the intimate setting approach where the performing artists engage the audience around the fire – in a traditional African style.

For music lovers interested in the stories behind the making of Namibian hits and getting to know Namibian artists on a more personal level, this is the show that gives you that insight,” Kayunde said.

He added that for those who want to participate at the show, it is open to a limited audience but available on Ngandu TV.

Ngandu TV has an arrangement of shows predominantly centred on Namibian music and overall pop culture lined up for viewers online.


According to Kayunde, Ngandu TV has partnered with Home of the Arts (HOTA) to bring the show’s episodes to life. HOTA is the umbrella organisation responsible for various creative initiatives in Rundu, including owning Werah Café Theatre – a creative hub where ‘Night around the Fire’ is hosted.

“It is important for us to align with brands that are promoting arts in our community, and HOTA is one of those brands,” he said.

To add musical flavour to the performance, the Generalz band is entrusted with instrumentation for the show.

“It is exciting to have a band on board – the show always feel more real when artists get to perform with a band. A live band provides a huge, powerful sound for performers and audiences alike,” said Kayunde, adding that visually, ‘Night around the Fire’ is shot by Black Cat Films and Edelberd Mukena.

Last year, Ngandu TV founders also introduced a Namibian music series, ‘Rock the Boat’ which promotes local artists and is aired on YouTube.