Nightmares out Friday

By Rosalia David

DIFFERENT Namibian artists and producers under the movement ‘Donkingpope Promotions’ comprising of HANI V$OP, Canvas great, Jr Hustle Mode, Rapture, Kenny K and Retro will be releasing their new video titled ‘Nightmares’ on Friday.
Speaking to Confidente in regards to the anticipated music video and what inspired the movement of working together as different artists under one brand, artist HANI V$OP real name Chris Mununga said, the new visuals are dedicated to the youth.
“The music video and title of the song were inspired by the tribulations faced on the way to making it successful, there is always a good and bad side to everything.We are just a bunch of artists and producers who came together and decided to do music together without owning any right to anyone’s music. We are all individual musicians under one movement and brand.” He added that the movement is inspired by collective passions for art itself in all aspects.
“We are a speciality brand which creates unique experiences through art and collaboration of brands and our upcoming video is a song by Donkingpope featuring Rapture, HANI V$OP and Jr Hustle.

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He also said, “Nightmares is a social motivational song for the youth for them to basically enjoy this song and get to relate to the lyrics.”
The upcoming video was shot by Reggie Films and Lassie Media last week.
Mununga said music lovers can expect a whole lot of music this year as the artists under the movement have songs already recorded but not released yet.
Six months ago, Donkingpope released a music video titled ‘Drowning’ which currently stands at 3 000 views on YouTube and 13 000 views on Instagram.
On what inspired ‘Drowning’ Mununga said the song is about daring to defy the common norms of society and culture and striving to be as real as one can be to one self in the midst of everything happening in one’s life or environment
Donkingpope Promotions is a fully fledged entertainment lifestyle brand which is involved in music production and distribution, fashion, events and concerts, communications, sports and premium hospitality.
The brand is solely owned by Mununga but is managed by all the entertainment and business personalities that are under the movement.
“The brand was born in 2018 as an event promotions company promoting the Walvis bash and Aqua Fest for a close friend and we also promoted my birthday party celebration which has been an annual event for the past two years collaborating with VLOG and Baddest bubble butt (Project KK),” he said.

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In addition, he urged lyrically talented individuals to reach out to them as they are searching for hip hop acts to feature on their upcoming collaboration album.
“If your work is fire, we will get you in the studio and record the song and then decide if it will be one of the five songs from the album to get a music video as the album will be 15 songs but only five will have music videos,” said Mununga.