No active Nust, Naomab file at ACC: Haufiku

By Confidente reporter

Nust spokesperson John Hausfiku says there is no active Nust file related to vice chancellor Erold Naomab at the ACC. Last week ACC spokespwerson Josephina Nghituwamata said they did not find anything criminal with the complaint they received.

In his response to an April 5 article, The Confidente, titled Stil Hunted: ACC Orders Nust to Probe Vice Chancellor Naomab carried out last week, Haufiku said that evaluating the allegations against the vice chancellor is in progress.

He also said once the Nust Council has completed its due process, the public will, therefore, be informed. “However, waiting for the outcome of a process that has already been widely reported on is a concept that seems to elude some journalists,” he said.

Haufiku admitted that there was correspondence between the ACC and the NUST Council on this topic last year. However, he said the NUST Council decided how to deal with the matter long before the ACC engaged it.

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