No child should be on the street

By Uaueza Poppy Kanguatjivi & Rudolf Gaiseb

The education executive director, Sanet Steenkamp, said Unam will accept students who passed with 20 and 22 points to study at the diploma level.

Steenkamp’s comments came a day after minister Anna Nghipondoka announced the Grade 11 results for 2023. Nghipondoka said last year’s results improved by 3,2 per cent compared to 2022.

The minister also said 40,682 sat for the 2023 exam, and 10,261 passed and qualified for tertiary and to proceed to the Advanced Subsidiary (AS) level. Steenkamp referred all other questions to the director of examinations in the education ministry, Clementine Tsumis-Garises, who told Confidente that students can only be out on the streets if they choose to be.

Tsumis-Garises said many tertiary institutions offer certificates and diplomas, NTA, TVETS, Vocational centres, and NIMT, and that those with weak passes can enrol with part-time centres.  She added that those under 18 can return to school provided space is available.

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