No money for League football


THE Namibia Football  Association (NFA)  says there is still no money to start football activities in the country.

This  despite reports  that FIFA is set to give the NFA money to use for football activities

Reports have circulated  on  social media that the NFA is set to receive about N$124 million for football activities.

Namibia last had male and female league football about four years ago.

In 2020,the NPFL  was formed  to replace  the NPL which was expelled by the NFA after being found guilty of bringing the game into disrupt over the  handling of the 2018/2019  promotion and relegation issues.

Last year, the NPFL held a transitional tournament which ended prematurely due to lack of funding.

The NFA Secretary General, Jochen Traut,  told Confidente,” The fact  is that we still have no confirmed sponsors. So, no news regarding the start of any leagues. All the questions can be answered once we have sponsors confirmed.

“The question on the N$124 million from FIFA, Where do you get such an amount? This is very speculative (N$124 million). There are people trying to put out  a negative image about the NFA. There is nothing like that (N$124 million).”

Traut  explained,“It  is  a long process to start the league because you need to start with the players’ registration, transfer window and many other things. We will announce the start of the league once we have secured sponsors.”

He admitted that the NFA has received some money from FIFA ,but refused to divulge the amount.

“ Yes, the NFA has received funds from FIFA to help fund the operations of the NFA and to support international teams’ commitment. But, the amount is not for public consumption,” Traud said.

He  also commended  the Brave Warriors and the Brave Gladiators for their performance at the Council of Southern Africa Football Associations (COSAFA)  tournaments  held in South Africa.

The Brave Warriors lost to Zambia in the final of the COSAFA Cup in July, while the Brave Gladiators came  fourth  in the COSAFA  Women’s senior championship.

Traut said,“ Considering the circumstances Namibian football is in, these are great achievements by the new coaches and players.

“The teams have made the country proud. It is also a positive sign that although we have no official leagues in place, a lot of football is played through private run and social tournaments from which players can be selected. Football is alive.”