No new oil discovery by Shell: Mines Ministry

• By Erasmus Shalihaxwe

MINISTRY of Mines and Energy spokesperson, Andreas Simon says information that Shell has made new oil discovery in the country are not true.

Andreas told Confidente this week that what has been reported in the media is just speculative information that was released by unknown sources with unknown motives, and those sources are definitely not the Ministry or the Joint Venture partners.

Andreas said this while responding to a report published online by Upstream which stated that Shell had made new oil discovery at the Jonker-1 well where it found  hydrocarbon, the main components of oil and gas, at a different geological area to its previous success at the Graft and Rona wells, where it confirmed significant discoveries last year.

However, Andreas cautioned the public especially the media not to publish information which is not from the ministry or the joint partners.

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“Our position is that the drilling of the Jonker-1 well is ongoing, and as soon as the drilling is completed, the public will be informed of the drilling outcome,” said Andreas.

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Shell is currently operating in the country with Petroleum Exploration Licence 0039, which covers blocks 2913A and 2914B, with a 45 percent working interest.

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