No regrets about taking up Karate: Mwiya Jr

• By Michael Uugwanga 

SINCE his move to China to focus on his academics, one of the country’s finest karateka, Freddy Mwiya Jr, is set to compete in his first international competition of the year.

Mwiya Jr is lined up to compete in the forthcoming African Karate Federation (UFAK) Senior, Junior, and Cadet Championships, which will be held from August 14 to 20 in Casablanca, Morocco.       

In an interview with Confidente from his Shenyang City base in China, Mwiya Jr said he has no regrets about taking up the sport.

Mwiya Jr, who is the son of former karate champion and Namibia Sports Commission (NSC) Chief Administrator, Freddy Mwiya, who stated that the only way for the country to become a household name in the sport of karate is for the youth to be given regular opportunities to demonstrate their karate skills worldwide, which requires funding.

“I believe that exposure is one of the most important factors in becoming the best karateka or sportsperson, so getting out there and competing against a variety of opponents helps one become more skilled as you learn a lot from others.

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