Nominate women and youth- Schlettwein

By Confidente Reporter

MINISTER of Agriculture, Water and Land Reform Calle Schlettwein has urged organisations to nominate more women and youth to sit on the communal land boards in order to have a gender balance as well as a representation of the youth for succession purposes in future.
The minister said this at the inauguration of the communal land boards for the seventh term.
“So far, a total number of 181 communal land board members have been appointed to serve on the Seventh communal land boards.

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Of this total, 75 are women, which represents 41 percent. I hope women representation in the board will increase as some nominations are still awaited from some institutions,” he said.
In addition, Schlettwein mentioned that land administration matters are emotive, therefore in some cases some individuals incite communities, yet they are not capable of resolving land problems.
“Our commitment to land reform is genuine.

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Our course is to promote a peaceful land administration throughout our country. Therefore, to ensure a functionary communal land administration throughout all our 13 regions where communal is found.” he added.
Schlettwein further urged the current members of the board to exercise full responsibility during their time.
He said, the duties of Communal Land Boards are not easy. As members, they have a huge responsibility.
“Among others, Communal Land Boards are expected to perform the following functions as enshrined in the Communal Land Reform Act; to exercise control over the allocation and the cancellation of customary land rights by Chiefs or Traditional Authorities, consider and decide on applications for right of leaseholds and establish and maintain a register and a system of registration for recording allocations, transfers and cancellation of all land rights allocated in communal areas,” he explained.
The other duty is for members to advise the minister on issues pertaining to the attainment of the Communal Land Reform Act objectives, either on their own motion or at his request.
Following the board members nomination and subsequent appointment, as members of Communal Land Boards, Schlettwein said, “My expectation is that you will all be guided by these functions in discharging your duties. I trust that during your tenure we will be able to see increased fair and sustainable land allocations, promotion of land registration, removal of illegal fences, timely meeting, implementation of the board’s resolutions and speedy dispute adjudication in your respective regions.”