Northern villages cautioned as floods increases

• By Wilhelmina Iimene

THE Ministry of Agriculture has cautioned people living in the northern central areas of Namibia to exercise caution as the area has been hit by flooding following an over flow of water from Southern Angola and the eastern parts of the Cuvelai catchment area in the Ohangwena region.

The hydrology division within the ministry confirmed to Confidente that the Cuvelai catchment area recorded good rainfall since the first week of January and as a result, flashfloods are observed and reported in the floodplains around the Ondjiva all the way to the Namacunde areas in southern Angola.

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The floods which crossed over into Namibia on January 13, have affected Engela, Ouhongo, Onghala in the Ongega Constituency, among other neighboring villages around the Angolan border.

“Approximately 70 households in the Ohangwena region were affected and more homes are anticipated to be affected as the water is constantly flowing.”

Although the water comes with goods like fish which a lot of people profit from, the negative impacts are severe. Currently, multiple roads used by community members including school going students have reportedly been blocked off.

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The Ohangwena region Education Director, Isak Hamatwi said the affected schools will have to close if water levels continue to rise.

He said the Onghala Combined School and Ndiilokelwa Combined School in Engela were severely affected by the flowing water.
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