Notorious female criminal nabbed

By Maria Kandjungu

THE net closed in on 32 year-old Ndapewa Nuunyango, who has been terrorising Windhoek residents in a string of house break-ins and robbery incidents using a black Honda vehicle.

Nuunyango had just been released from the Keetmanshoop Correctional Facility in March where she served four months of her 12-month sentence for housebreaking and robbery.  On Monday, she once again appeared in the Windhoek Magistrates’ Court on five charges of housebreaking and a charge of possession of stolen ammunition.

City Police Superintendent Eliaser Iiyambo told Confidente that police had been looking for Nuunyango and three of her accomplices since March, following a string of robberies reported around Windhoek that used a black Honda as a getaway vehicle.

The incidents were reported in Klein Windhoek and Hochland Park among other areas. Iiyambo noted that Nuunyango was apprehended through intelligence-led policing where community members assisted City Police with information that led to her arrest.

She was found in possession of nine (stolen) bullets, a laptop bag and one handbag among other items which have since been identified by owners.

“We linked the woman to about six different house break-ins and robbery crimes in which she is usually accompanied by three males. They broke into houses with pangas and knives,” Iiyambo stated adding that the three male suspects are still on the run.

Ironically, the woman according to Iiyambo has a long history of house break-ins and theft related crimes as she currently has police and court cases in Rundu, Otavi and Otjiwarongo.

“She is not new to us, she has an old and long criminal record of house break-ins, theft and motor-vehicle related crimes. She was convicted last year in Keetmanshoop for house breaking and sentenced to 12 months of which eight were suspended.  She was released in March this year from the correctional facility,” he noted adding that it was right after her release from prison that she started her terror acts in Windhoek.

“We have been after the car (black Honda) for a while now. I must say it can be very tricky for crimes involving women because one usually expects a man but in this case, male criminals were working together with her and using her to commit the crimes,” Iiyambo said.

Nuunyango is currently held at the Windhoek Correctional Facility after she was denied bail.