NRU to decide league fate next week

By Michael Uugwanga 

THE Namibia Rugby Union has said it will only pronounce itself next week on whether the league will resume its season in August, if at least seven clubs out of the nine clubs in both the premier and first leagues vote in favour of the start. 
NRU president Corrie Mensah said the decision for the league to return was discussed by the NRU council in depth and resolved to return to play in August, of which was agreed to have a single round competition under Covid-19 preventative measures. 
However from the looks of things it is unlikely for the league to start this year even though contact sports have been given a green light to start with their activities as long they adhere to Covid-19 preventative measures in place. 
The Namibia Rugby Premier League was supposedly to have started its season in April this year but due to the suspension of all activities countrywide under stage 1, the league was put on hold. 
Even if the league is to start in August, a club outside the Erongo Region is unlikely to go to Walvis Bay and play against any Walvis Bay based clubs due to high number of Covid-19 cases recorded there. 
The NRPL consists of Trustco United, FNB Wanderers, FNB Western Suburbs, FNB University of Namibia (Unam) (Windhoek), Reho Falcons and Rehoboth Rugby Club (Rehoboth), Kudus Rugby Club (Walvis Bay) and Grootfontein Rugby Club (Grootfontein). 
Mensah told Confidente Sports Desk that the ball is in the hands of the clubs to decide the way forward as far starting the new season is concern. 
“I am waiting for responses from all the clubs so that I give them their feedback by next week Tuesday. It is up to the clubs to decide whether they want to start the league or not. If seven clubs from the NRPL and seven clubs from the first league decide so, then yes they can start the league.  
“It is not viable to run a league for example with three clubs. Plus for example if Unam writes a letter to my office that Suburbs did not turn up for their match, I will not entertain it because it is in their right to do so if they feel like under these Covid-19 conditions as we all know that our clubs cannot afford, for example, sanitisers or masks every day.” 
At the same meeting the NRU council also approved the unqualified audited annual financial statement, which was one of the most important yardsticks used to measure the performance of the previous board. 
Mensah also said that the union is still sourcing for a new Chief Executive Officer; a position that has been vacant since South African-born Mervin Green left after the 2019 Rugby World Cup that was held in Japan. 
“The process of recruiting a CEO is ongoing and confidential,” said Mensah.