NRU to receive funding from RA

By Michael Uugwanga 

THE Namibia Rugby Union (NRU) is among African rugby unions which are set to receive relief funding from Rugby Africa, after the cancellation of the Rugby Africa Cup that was due to start last month. 
This was said by Khaled Babbou, Rugby Africa President in a media release issued this week, explaining that Rugby Africa has set aside 170 000.00 Euros, (about N$3,2 million) to all member associations from its solidarity fund.          
All member federations are eligible for this financial aid to support their rugby communities. Requests from the fund can go towards distribution of food packages, meals, or PPE (masks, hand sanitiser gels, etc.), emergency food and medical support for clubs and players in their respective countries. Federations may use funds depending on their needs, while the financial aid granted will consider the size of the federation and its level of development. 
“As centres of shared values, and spaces for individual and group development, our federations play a key role in rugby’s success in Africa. More than ever, the current health crisis is having a major impact on all federations and their clubs, their coaches, and their players – the pillars of Rugby Africa. This financial support supplements a range of initiatives already rolled out to boost our rugby community and highlights the shared values and cooperation dear to our organisation. We must also stand together and continue to do everything we can to support those combating the pandemic,” reads the statement. 
NRU president Corrie Mensah also confirmed the news to Confidente Sport when asked if Namibia will be part of the package, however he said that the amount to be distributed to each member is yet to be revealed, as members will receive relief packages based on the size of their union. 
“Yes we are also going to get but at this stage Rugby Africa has not specified the amount each member will be receiving. The fund is just to cover up the cancellation of the Africa Cup that was supposed to take place this year. We are still waiting to get a confirmation from Rugby Africa on how much we will be receiving,” said Mensah.