NSSU sidelined from CAF girls’ tourney

By Michael Uugwanga

DESPITE the Namibia School Sports Union (NSSU) being the custodian of school sports, they have been left out of the Namibia Football Association (NFA) women department’s Confederation of African Football (CAF) U-15 girls’ tournament that is set to start next month.
The NFA through its women’s department was selected as one of only 16 member associations to host a local CAF U-15 7-aside School Girl Competition, said its project coordinator Astrid Vries.
In an interview NSSU national coordinator, Solly Duiker said that the NFA women department was supposed to have discussed with NSSU before the launch of the competition last year.
Duiker also said that CAF nor FIFA have no right to run school football activities without the blessing of school sports unions anywhere in the world despite saying that the competition is a good move as far development is concerned.
“First of all school sport does not belong to the federation (NFA, CAF or FIFA). It is in the domain of NSSU as per mandate and per constitution act of 2003, as well as per cabinet resolution of 1991 which mandates NSSU to develop and administer school sport within the borders of Namibia. Therefore, this is first of all uncalled for and secondly they (NFA women department) need to talk to the relevant authorities (NSSU) … they cannot take over with responsibilities and ownership of the mandate without consulting,” he said.
Eight schools from Windhoek; A.I. Steenkamp Primary School, Amazing Kids Private School and Academy, Bethold Himumuine Primary School, Faith Primary School, Goreangab Secondary School, Mandume Primary School, M.H. Greef Primary School and Tobias Hainyeko Primary School have been chosen to take part, based on their involvement and performance in the NFA Galz & Goals League for girls.
The aim of the competition is to develop women’s football on the continent and create more football competitions for women and girls. The event was initially supposed to be held in February 2020, but had to be postponed due to the coronavirus.
Duiker lashed out at the organisers of the much awaited CAF U-15 7-aside project to relook their selection process of schools.
“Going back to the issue of the CAF competition as I have indicated there was no consultation and I have discussed it already with the people that are running the programme because we were not even part and parcel of the launch of this programme.
“I told them that we are not happy with how things are done that only Windhoek schools are chosen to benefit from this, because schools from Windhoek always benefit from this. For us when we talk of NSSU we are talking of regions,” he said.
Vries refused to comment on the matter.