NUDO wants Geingob to apologise for genocide comments

NUDO Secretary General and Member of Parliament, Josef Kauandenge, has demanded that President Hage Geingob apologise for his remarks on the Herero-Nama 1904-07 genocide, during a public lecture at the Paris Institute of Political Studies. Geingob was quoted as saying apartheid was worse than genocide, and Kauandenge said the President downplayed the severity of the 1904-07 Genocide. “Reconciliation of Germany and Namibia is there. We have diplomatic relations, we have peace. This genocide happened many years ago. Over a hundred years ago. After that, the South Africans took over. They were worse, and then Swapo started to fight to free the country,” Geingob said.

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Kauandenge expressed his disappointment towards the response from the President’s Press Secretary, Alfredo Hengari, which he regarded as tasteless and insensitive to the descendants of the said genocide. “NUDO has taken note of the recent remarks by the President of Namibia, downplaying the severity of the Genocide of 1904-1907, and stating that apartheid was worse than genocide. Naturally, as a party, we took time to await the President’s response, hoping that he would be bold and man enough to apologise or, at best, say he was quoted out of context. That is why we took long to respond to this misplaced, illogical and, at best-misguided statement by the President.

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