NUST denies registrar suspension allegations

By Eliaser Ndeyanale

THE Namibia University of Science and Technology (NUST) has strongy denied a Confidente report stating that the university’s registrar had been suspended pending investigations into alleged misuse of the institution’s financial resources.

“The University has formally informed The Confidente that the University registrar is not suspended, contrary to the headline stating he was not on any form of leave as indicated he is still at work,” a senior official at the university said this week.

However, Confidente was informed by inside sources that the registrar was in fact compelled by the university governing council to go on three months leave, pending the outcome of the investigation. The leave period would likely commence when the university reopens.

However, the official said there was no truth to this rumour that the registrar had been forced to take leave. “I have not been informed of anything to this effect,” they said.

The university also refuted claims by its officials that NUST made a payment to Omeya Golf Estate for a golf day held there last year to raise funds for impoverished students. The university said the Omeya facilities were free.

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“The correct fact is there was a notional charge, agreed and paid to use the facilities.

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“On the allegations that the registrar was not supposed to attend a NUST Alumni event held in Oshakati, the university said “this was contrary to the fact since the Registrar is responsible for NUST admissions and the University had an admissions stall at the said event. The department of alumni and the University Foundation resides within his functional area, as approved by the University Council.

“In addition, section 1.2 (a) of the NUST Statutes require the Registrar to be the Alumni Secretary. The Registrar acts as Secretary of the Alumni Association provided that the Vice-Chancellor may designate any other employee to assist the Secretary or to act in his or her place.

“It was further stated in the article that NUST ‘did not have an alumni association that time’, which is contrary to the fact, and whereas a Director Alumni and Foundation along with staff was engaged by the university at the time and reported directly to the Registrar and this structure was approved at the NUST June Council meeting,” the university official said.