NUST graduation a success amid pandemic

By Tracy Tafirenyika

THE Namibia University of Science and Technology (NUST) last Friday held its successful virtual graduation to celebrate the occasion safely.
The university has seen thousands of students graduating during the pandemic, although some of the students fell on the wayside and were unable to make it to graduation.
Speaking to Confidente this week, 23-year-old Emma Vilho who graduated with a Bachelor of English degree stated that she never expected to graduate during this pandemic as it was not an easy journey.
“To be quite honest, I had actually given up on the idea of graduating during this global pandemic because the challenges became overwhelming at one point. At times I had a no access to the internet and I needed to be in class or I just felt demotivated because being taught online isn’t the same as being taught face-to-face.
“When being taught face-to-face you develop a relationship with the lecturer so it is easier for you to understand what you are being taught because you can ask questions and the lecturer can explain to you further as opposed to being taught online where the time is sort of limited and getting hold of the lecturer to explain certain things to you can prove to be a hassle.
“I had to keep a positive attitude regardless of the circumstance. I told myself I was going to graduate against all odds so I made sure I organised my work, managed my time properly and stayed up to date with my schoolwork for me not to become overwhelmed by the workload,” she stated.
Vilho also added that her mother contributed highly to her achievement as she sold sweets just to make her dream come true.
“I know this may sound cliché but it’s my mother that has made me to be who l am today. I saw my mother making a living from selling N$1 fudge on the streets so I know there is no such thing as impossible. Everything I do is to bring me one step closer to making my mother’s life easier, I will do it with all my might and that’s how we got here today.”
Kanime Uugwanga (32), who graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in criminal justice, said that he was very happy to have an academic qualification as he worked very hard for it.
“Nothing feels good more than attaining an academic qualification when the world is reeling under the unprecedented effects of Covid-19. Forever people will recognise us as special group of students who faced a great challenge but still overcame. May these unique circumstances give others resilience and inspire them to make the world a better place.
“My mother, Meme Namutenya yaSilas is my role model. When l was young my mother used to tell me that if you want to achieve anything in life remember three words, determination, focus and commitment. I used to walk 15km just for me to be at school. As l grew up those three words became a reality and the pillar of my strength in my academic career, and now l am a graduate as well as a working person,” he said.