NUST SRC initiates helping hand campaign

By Tracy Tafirenyika

THE Namibia University of Science and Technology (NUST) Student Representatives (SRC) has introduced the Helping Hand campaign for local and international students who are highly affected by Covid-19 and did not get assistance under the government emergency support programme.

At an event that took place at NUST last Friday, the university’s SRC president Lelian David and her counterparts explained the initiative, saying that there are two groups that are still left behind that would get assistance.

“In light of this, we still have two categories of needy students at NUST that are still affected; national students … We have about 200 students (and still counting) in this category who are from extremely disadvantaged backgrounds. Out of the 682 registered international students, about 78 of them are extremely disadvantaged.

“NUST being an internationally recognised institution accommodates both national and international students. The NUST Student Representative Council, as the only recognised voice of NUST students, it is our mandate to represent all students bearing in mind that no one should be left behind. It is for this reason we advocate for both national and international students,” said David.

She called on ex students and members of the public to donate to the worthy cause.

“We sincerely call upon the NUST management, general public, business entities and our very own NUST alumni to sympathise with our needy students by assisting in any possible way.

“This can be done by offering financial assistance to students, donating old or new devices (laptops, tablets or cellphones) that will be used to assist the students that are excluded from the Covid-19 emergency support programme and any form of support that will aid students to access online and remote teaching and learning.”