Nust’s Naomab battered from two fronts

What is happening at the Namibia University of Science and Technology (Nust) has nothing to do with the allegations that vice-chancellor Erold Naomab has been abusing credit cards or vehicles.

Naomab is caught between the old made up of people who were at the Namibia University of Technology and those who were left behind. Most of those left behind by those who left found themselves at Nust because of one favour or another.

These people used to enjoy first-class treatment because they sat on the right side of the fence, where they were pampered and feasted like angels.

Since Naomab came, some tables were removed, and the fence was brought down. Today, these people long for the days gone past when they were treated like princes and princesses.

Indeed, who wants their food to be taken away? So, this is where part of Naomab’s problems emanated. He killed joy and spoiled the party. Does it surprise that even some of those who left Nust have not moved on? They still want to know what is happening at Nust, not because they are genuinely concerned, but because they want Naomab to fail. If Naomab fails, then they will say: we told you so!

The other front of Naomab’s problems is from those who wanted in at Nust but could not get the opportunity. Once again, this has nothing to do with whether Naomab performed well in the interviews or he did not. It’s got a lot to do with unbridled ambition and inflatable egos.

This front, too, has people within who thought they could be sitting at the table with the kings if things went the other way.

This leaves Naomab at the centre of heavy winds battering him from all angles. He will never do anything that will be considered as worthy. Naomab will never stand up and get the respect his job deserves. He is expected to be as perfect as a clear blue sky, yet there are roadblocks ahead and behind him. These roadblocks are the people who are supposed to work with him and make Nust successful.

We tend to hide facts; yes, Naomab may not be the perfect guy, but who is the perfect guy in this world? Naomab may have tinkered with the credit cards, but again such acts when one is always scrutinised come out.

The real problem at Nust is tribal by nature and ambitious by personality. It is not a secret that those who lead most entities in this country look after their tribal communities. They chuck out those from other communities regardless of whether they have qualifications or not.

If you doubt this, look at the departmental makeup at Nust or any other entity in Namibia. Even Naomab himself has been accused of this. But he is not the only one.

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