NWR in Von Bach legal fix

• By Hilary Mare and

Tracy Tafirenyika

Adraft settlement agreement between the Ministry of Environment, Forestry and Tourism (MEFT) and Namibia Water Ski Club at Von Bach Dam Resortin which the club may get a 20-year lease has placed Namibia Wildlife Resorts in a legal quagmire as the agreement allegedly encroaches on land which NWR has a long standing PPP agreement with Tungeni Africa Investments.

If the agreement, which the 55-member Water Ski Club is pushing through the court is to sail through, it would open NWR to breach of contract and a subsequent lawsuit which may further cost the State huge sums of money, leaked documents seen by Confidente reveal.

Confidente has also been reliably informed that officials from MEFT as well as those from NWR have in the past week been in consultation to find solutions on how to address the issue of the agreement before it is signed with key emphasis on determining whether there was a government gazette which transferred the land to NWR before it entered into a long-term lease with Tungeni, and alternative ways the settlement agreement can be averted.


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