NYC launches horticulture project

By Confidente Reporter

THE National Youth Council of Namibia (NYC) in partnership with the Ministry of Sports Youth and National Service has launched a horticulture project aimed at enhancing food production in Namibia.

Speaking at the launch in Hardap region, Ministry of Sport, Youth, and National Service Agnes Tjongarero said the project comes after the pandemic outbreak (Covid-19) which has left many regions unable to sustain themselves.
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“We have seen during Covid-19 issue that many people were fed from other regions.

Other regions have food and some regions do not have foods, so other regions have to feed us.

With the support of all the political heads in Hardap Region to the youth horticultural projects, we will be able to produce food and not expect other regions to feed us. Let’s feed ourselves, our families, our relatives, our communities and then export to other regions,” she said.

She noted that the 5th National Development Plan (NDP5) has also reported that Namibia’s lack of industrialization and infrastructure has contributed to an economic imbalance among its society while in 2014, 31% of Namibian workforce worked in agriculture, which only contributed 3.

9 percent of the GDP.

“A lack of modernisation in farming techniques and a lack of infrastructure in business development have made the agriculture sector less efficient, less robust and less profitable than it might otherwise be,” she added.
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She went on to emphasise the importance of empowering the youth through agribusiness saying that is an essential undertaking because, first, it is in line with national development plans and secondly it has the potential of realising fast return.

Tjongarero said, youth empowerment can be practiced profitably at both large and small scale.

“Small scale agribusinesses that is less capital intensive, particularly irrigated horticulture is a potential sub-sector in which young Namibians can become meaningfully engaged to generate income, address unemployment, and improve their standards of living,” she mentioned.

NYC further congratulates all the beneficiaries of the projects in the regions urging them to grab the opportunity with both arms and make the most of it as well as assisting fellow young people who are interested in horticulture to start their own initiative.