NYC restructures youth forums countrywide

By Confidente Reporter

THE National Youth Council of Namibia (NYC) has commenced with the restructuring of its 121 constituency and regional youth forums.

The restructuring is a constitutional obligation embedded in the National Youth Council Act.

“According to NYC Act of 2009, every year, Constituency Annual Conferences (CAC) should be convened to restructure the Constituency Youth Forums.

In like manner, Regional Conferences (RC) should be convened every four years to restructure the regional youth forums,” Brian Prince, head of corporate communication and marketing at NYC said.

“Time of restructuring of these two structures has passed way back, especially the Constituency Youth Forums.

The reason for the delay is lack of budget to implement the process, but now we are in a better position to do so now,” he added.

To kick start the process and have smooth restructuring programme, leaders of the regional structures were brought to Windhoek for a one day workshop on the restructuring process.

“Restructuring of the constituency and the regional youth forums are very political especially the election of the Regional Youth Forum executive committees, to this end, we brought the Regional Youth Forum chairpersons and coordinators to Windhoek for orientation on the guidelines. They have also submitted their restructuring action plan to us,” Pankratius Kavura, the NYC Acting Director explained.


“The restructuring of the constituencies will be coordinated by NYC regional structures in partnership with the Ministry of Sports, Youth and National Service, while the restructuring of the regions will be coordinated by the Restructuring Committee.”

At every constituency conference, reports of previous year’s activities are presented and new people are elected into leadership positions. All youth groups and clubs in a constituency are eligible to send three delegates to participate in the restructuring of their constituency. These delegates can vote and be voted for.

“Delegates to the regional conference are seven members from the constituency youth forums, the regional youth forum executive committee members and all the youth officers in the regions as observers.

Just like the constituency annual conference, these delegates can vote and be voted for,” Prince clarified.   

NYC interim board approved the restructuring to begin from 22 of September to October 10.

“We don’t want any young person to be left out.

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Therefore, I call on all the young people in the constituencies and the regions within the youth age of 16 to 35 years, to show their youthful exuberance and the will by taking part in the restructuring of their constituencies and their regions. Taking part could mean the beginning of learning about leadership, and becoming a leader at any level of government or organisation. So as young people let’s embrace the process,” Prince concluded.

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