NYS focuses on 5-year strategic plan

By Staff Reporter

THE National Youth Service (NYS) has developed a five-year strategic plan that will focus on three pillars of the organisation’s strategic themes namely youth empowerment, sustainability and operational excellence.

NYS mandate is “to offer civic, technical and vocational training, personal development programmes and opportunities for voluntary services to the youth and thereby contributing in a sustainable manner to national socio-economic development efforts”. The mandate of the National Youth Service is primarily derived from the National Youth Service Act of 2005.

Youth empowerment focuses on skills development, provision of civic training, with complementary technical and vocational skills development that is aimed at equipping young people with requisite skills to become meaningful citizen.   

On sustainability, the strategic theme will focus on the content of fiscal resource limitations that affect funding to NYS negatively. Therefore the service has embarked on a turnaround strategy to unlock NYS asset value and thereby becoming self-sustaining within available resources.

The operational aspect will focus on policies, human capital, financial accountability, stakeholder relations, image and public enhancement, and building synergy amongst departments.

Through operational excellence, NYS intends to rebrand its image and services to become relevant and provide the required services to the Namibian youth.


NYS is endowed with means of production that are not optimised and  together with the board, EXCO, staff and strategic smart partnerships, the organisation says it will make it possible to plant, harvest and sell enough high-quality crops to boost its revenue and increase food security.

Milking and diary production at Rietfontein farm in Otjozondjupa region will be unlocked with immediate effect and clearing of hay fields in order to maximise on the naturally growing hay and harvesting it at 100 percent.

NYS also intends to revamp the silos and the milling of maize both yellow and white.

Recapitalising of Gemsbokpan in the Otjozondjupa region and invest in fencing, animal handling pens and water infrastructure will increase the productivity of high end beef.

Training production units will be operationalised and each trade will be required to produce items for internal usage and also for sale externally, says the NYS.