Of technology vs traditional CD sales

• By Martha Nangombe

ADVANCEMENT in technology has had its pros and cons for musicians who sometimes should wish the good old vinyl records were still being used, maybe they would still be earning a decent living through record sales.

Djs love the idea of MP3s because they ease the pressure of carrying the heavy vinyl records or carrying a lot of Compact Disc (CDs) because they can put all the music they want to play on a flash stick. But not everyone welcomes this change in technology.

A musician has to survive from CD sales and live shows but we have hardly had live shows except when Burna Boy, Koffi Olemido and Makhadzi came to our shores and many are ditching the traditional CD selling for online platforms.

This is one of the saddest parts of the change story.

The music industry is dying due to this technological advancement. Anyone who can operate a computer can download music or listen on Youtube or any other site free of charge.

With most electronic devices not supporting CDs and music lovers moving away from buying CDs and opting to listen to music on digital platforms such as YouTube and Spotify CDs have been rendered irrelevant.
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Most people don’t want to spend money on buying CD’s but instead opt to subscribe to different streaming platforms where they pay to listen to different genres of music which leads to a decline in the sales of albums.

Award winning songstress, Taylor-Jay told Confidente musicians were moving away from selling CD’s and focusing on promoting their music through different online platforms.

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