Ohangwena Athletics Club needs funding for SA games

• By Michael Uugwanga 

OHANGWENA Athletics Club, home to one of the country’s most promising young runners, Simon Shifidi (16), is in desperate need of financial assistance to compete at the North-West University (NWU) top 30 athletics competition in Potchefstroom, South Africa, from October 20-21.

Shifidi, who specialises in the 800m and 1500m, is the current 800m Pupkewitz Open Championships holder.

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The athletes at the club are attempting to raise money from their parents for the team to travel after obtaining a quotation for N$ 35,190 for lodging, meals, and transportation for 12 athletes and four officials.

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Athletes expected to compete in Potchefstroom include Monika Kandjerbo (1500m and 3000m), Elizabeth Kalola (3000m and 1500m), Linda Hailulu (3000m and 1500m), Johanna Nghifidakwa (200m and 400m), Wilka Nauyoma (200m), Saima Immanuel (200m and 400m), Ndilimeke Erastus (100m and 200m), Sophie Kambonde, Ester Petrus (100m and 200m), Bonita Pena (100m and 200m) and Ester Shikongo (800m and 1500m).

Ohangwena Athletics team coach Teofelus Moses told Confidente that the team has received T-shirts and sneakers worth N$23 542 from MUMI Investment manager Mike Mukete.

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