OK Foods worker arrested for trying to poison boss

By Eliaser Ndeyanale

THE POLICE in Rundu have arrested a long serving employee of OK Food Supermarket in the northeastern region after she allegedly poured a lethal chemical into her manager’s cup with the intention to kill him.

According to a police report in the Kavango East region, the suspect who was employed as the supervisor of cash flow is Josephina Bernando, a 45-year-old resident of Ndama location, who has since been arrested and charged with attempted murder.

The attempted murder is said to have happened during working hours at the shop last Saturday and Sunday. “The suspect unlawfully and intentionally poured the chemical into the cup of the manager with intention to kill him. The chemical made a cloth on the table where the cup was placed and other plastic items on the table to melt, while some became black,” the police reported.

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The victim, Paiso Machado Jose (52) was taken to hospital after he smelled traces of the toxic substance. He is said to be in stable condition after he recovered from the shock. The suspected chemical used to poison Jose was recovered from the suspect.

A case (CR193/04/2020) has been opened against Bernando. She is also accused of having stolen from the supermarket between 2017 and 2020. “The suspect used unknown [methods] to steal cash from the shop. It is further alleged that Bernando is said to have stolen items valued N$2 500 from her victim’s father’s place,” the police further said.

Confidente tried to speak to Jose about the ordeal but was not able to obtain response from the alleged victim.

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However, regional investigation coordinator Bonifatius Kanyetu confirmed the charges, saying the matter was being investigated and the suspect had appeared in Rundu Magistrate Court on Tuesday this week.