Okahandja officials in dubious land sale

By Hertta-Maria Amutenja

THE Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) has registered a case of corruption and will soon investigate Okahandja Municipality officials who are being accused of mishandling the sale of unserviced land.

In a letter in Confidente’s possession, a resident of Okahandja Johannes Gaseb submitted a complaint with the ACC to investigate the alleged sale of unserviced land measuring up to 600 square metres in Veddersdal implicating councillors and the town’s municipal officials.

Speaking to Confidente, Gaseb said the town’s officials are abusing their power to benefit their personal agendas and are occupying unserviced land without following due procedure.

“These people are using their titles to get things easily and illegally. They are just selling land illegally and pocketing money for themselves”.

He further went on to accuse the town planner Phillip Hendjala of also grabbing unserviced land in Okahandja where he has since built his house and abusing his power as town planner.

“Phillip built his house on unserviced land.

Where his house is built is not on the town’s plan. His house was constructed using his neighbours’ electricity and water which they were unhappy about but he makes threats to vulnerable people so you could expect this,” said Gaseb

Hendjala who has been the town planner for close to 10 years, rubbished the allegations made against him when approached for comment.

“I will not comment on false allegations made by those guys.

My lawyers are dealing with it now,” said Hendjala

ACC director Paulus Noa confirmed to Confidente that his office has received the complaint and the case has been registered.

“We are still in the process of finalising everything, although we would still need a sworn statement from the complainant, Gaseb.

Once we have the sworn statement we will launch the investigations against the accused in the letter and the CEO,” said Noa.

In January, Okahandja CEO Martha Mutilifa was suspended with pay for six months over allegations of abuse of funds, fraud, corruption and insubordination that involves dubious land sales.

The allegations included a 30 000-square-metre piece of land, worth millions, being sold for a mere N$90 000, it was reported. In March then Minister of Urban and Rural Development, Peya Mushelenga dissolved the Okahandja Town Council and placed the town under administration.