Old Location provides African experience

By Rosalia David

IF you are looking for a relaxing African experience in Windhoek, visit the “Old Location” at the end of Bach Street in Windhoek West, a great place to sit and enjoy a meal while enjoying the cool breeze and the City lights.

For those who have no clue what the Old Location is all about, the place plays a prominent role in our ‘patriotic history’. The refusal of inhabitants to be voluntarily relocated to the new township of Katutura, culminating in the massacre of 10 December 1959 played a crucial role in the consolidation of political organisations, especially to the formation of the South West African People’s Organisation (Swapo).

With that said, when you visit the Old Location, the building immediately reminds you of the German colonial era, which gives an African culinary experience you have never seen before and much more.

Their slogan displayed at the entrance is “Hasta la Victoria Siempre” which means “Ever onward to victory”.

The restaurant is open until 22h00 daily and offers many choices on where you would like to sit. It has an outside open area and an inside bar and their customer services surely makes one feel at home. Their menu offers a variety of African traditional meals with other ordinary dishes, such as beef stew, chicken and others.

When you enter the entrance from Bach Street you are greeted by the smell of food from the kitchen that generates some curiosity to find out what’s cooking.
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We tried the beef stew, rice and spinach. The meat was tender and spiced exactly the way it’s supposed to, not too spicy, just the way I like it. To top off the dish, they added a chili salsa on the side.

We were curious enough to try out the beef knuckles that people always talk about, surprisingly it was well cooked in a mild curried sauce served with ‘pap’. Despite having to cook it for hours on end, it was certainly easy to bite into.

In the last few years, the Old Location has expanded their operation and now one can make use of several services on the property.
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There is a car wash to clean your car while waiting and you can either visit the bar, restaurant or salon.

Apart from the food they offer, Old Location also provides a venue for year-end functions and parties, with an outside bar and arranged around an ancient thorn tree are the braai facilities and restrooms.

When looking for a private meeting or a place for two to 10 people or smaller events, they also avail their boardroom. For the use of the boardroom, you can contact them, and if you need a salon to rent, make a turn at the popular spot.