Omaheke football is not safe for referees

• By Michael Uugwanga   

THE Omaheke Football League has become an unsafe place for referees to officiate matches following a fortnight of chaos. Three referees, including a female referee who was the centre referee and her male assistants, were assaulted by players and the management of Kom Haal Hule FC over lousy officiating.

In a statement narrated by Kandonga, Andreas, who was one of the officials who were assaulted, narrated what had transpired during the assault from Kom Haal Hull FC.

The incident occurred on 04 May, in a morning match between Omaheke Mesave FC and Kom Haal Hule FC. Ironically, not only the players and management of Kom Haal Hule FC assaulted the match officials but also those from Omaheke Megasave FC.

The referees that were assaulted were Hertha Angala- Center Referee; Kandonga Andreas – Assistant referee; Stayn Witbeen-Assistant referee; and Ismael Haubab, the fourth match official.

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