Omusati police warn against bathing in canal


THE Omusati regional police have warned residents to desist from bathing in or near the NamWater canal, saying anyone spotted bathing in or near the canal will be prosecuted.

According to the police, bathing in the canal encourages children to play in the water.

The police stated that bathing in or near the canal is considered public indecency.

Omusati police spokesperson Inspector Anna Kunga said numerous people drowned while playing or bathing in the water canal.

Children, she said, have imitated the behaviour of their elders.

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“Statistics show that many people who have died in the canal are children. They drowned either bathing or swimming, so we have banned bathing in and around the canal.

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People should only take water from the canal and bathe at home, as is customary,” she said.

Kunga said the police have been informing the public through community meetings, radio, and media.

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“We have been on the radio and in the press.

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We do not want excuses when it comes to punishing those who disobey our directive, so we are doing everything we can to guarantee that the message is received by all Omusati residents, especially those living near the canal. We want our people to be safe, especially our children,” she said.

Kunga warned that anyone caught bathing in or near the canal would be arrested and brought before court.

According to the police spokesperson, parents are prohibited from sending their children to gather water from the canal if doing so puts children’s lives in danger.

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