On Same Sex Marriage

Dear Editor,

THIS letter is to express my support and appreciation to the Cabinet of our Namibian Government for having, “… set aside… the legalising of same sex marriages and abortion in the country because the two matters are controversial and are against the majority of the population’s religious and cultural beliefs”,  said (ex) Justice Minister, Dr. Albert Kawana (Confidente, 25 – 30 August 2016, page 2)

I am happy about the manner in which Dr. Kawana, profoundly elaborated reasons which would indicate why the Namibian nation would not be at ease to accept such recommendations.

What worries me mostly is the two words “…set aside…” which indicate to me that Cabinet has not rejected fully the “legalising of same sex marriage and abortion”, but that it might return for consideration.

The truth of the matter remains clear that culturally there was never same sex marriage practiced in Namibia! And therefore it must not be allowed or legalised to be practiced in this country. We must continue adhering to our profound moral values and heritage.

We should also take into cognizance that, although we have a secular state (and it is unfortunate), we are people who believe in the Bible. We believe in God through Jesus Christ, so we are a Christian nation – this means that more than 90 percent of the population are Christians. I believe that all members of the National Assembly and the National Council are Christians. And our State President is a Christian and regularly attends church services.

All these facts mean that immoral issues which threaten the morals, Christian faith and integrity of the majority of our nation should and must not be allowed and one cannot give consent to the demands of evil.

The Christian faith is based on God’s revelation as it has been made clear in the Bible, the Word of God. All evil things like homosexuality, lesbianism, abortion and same sex marriage -what some people around the world regard as human rights to be practiced- according to the Bible are sin; they are not human rights at all, but they must be regarded as Satan-made rights. They are forbidden in the Bible

– Deut 23:17; Lev 18:22-30; 19:29; 20:13, 1 Cor 6:9 – 10, 18

Same sex marriage is totally against the purpose of God’s creation. He created both male and female. So marriage should be between the two opposite sexes. God did not make and never created same sexes to get married to each other. It is not permitted by God.

Same sex marriage is only the work of men and women trying to fulfill their evil desires, passions and ambitions. These satanic practices are inviting God’s curse and punishment upon human beings. The Bible reminds us of sodomic sins that caused God to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah and their surroundings with sulphur fire from heaven. (Gen 19:23-25, Gen 6:5-13). Namibians should take this as a lesson from God.

I have realised that our nation is growing more and more wicked, and for sure, God shall someday severely punish our nation. To avoid that punishment one has to repent from all our evils.

I was also shocked to learn that it was the United Nations Committee which had asked Namibia to ‘look into legalising same sex marriage and abortion’. I highly valued this international body for its creation of Human Rights adopted in 1948, for its efforts to protect and maintain peace worldwide, and for helping Namibia to become independent. But now that it advocates for immoral rights (same sex marriage) and killing of infants (abortion), my trust in it is fading.

It is interesting to find out that most countries that support the legalising of same sex marriage and abortion are Western countries. I am thankful that some of the Western countries brought the ‘Good News’ to Africa. The Good News that speaks of divine love and redemption achieved by God in Jesus Christ for the whole world, but it is unfortunate that the same countries are the ones causing these perverse behaviours and have turned against God. I am calling on them to repent and refrain from imposing their immoral behaviour on African countries.

The Lord warns the present Christendom worldwide with the following: “Yet I hold this against you: you have forsaken your first love. Remember the height from which you have fallen! Repent and do the things you did at first. If you do not repent, I will come to you and remove your lampstand from its place”. Rev 2:4

The Church of Jesus Christ should continue to remind the Namibian society of its obligation towards its Creator and Sustainer (obligation of genuine faith) and towards its fellow man/woman (obligation with genuine love for one’s neighbour).

The Namibian Government should always remember its answerability (in its being and activities) to God, the Creator of Heaven and Earth, and so it must take its rightful responsibility that of being custodian of laws based on God’s moral standards.

This is the legacy we can leave for generations to come.


Dr.  Abisai Shejavali