Ondangwa residents demand electricity

RESIDENTS of Omahenene location in Ondangwa, say they will not vote for SWAPO councilors in the 2024 elections if their location is not provided with electricity by that time.

Some residents who spoke to Confidente recently expressed dismay at the fact that their location is the only one in their neighbourhood without electricity, while residents of neighboring locations such as Uupopo, Ondiiyala and Omakululukuma have electrified houses.
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“It baffles the mind as to what the town council of Ondangwa think about us, do they think we are animals of some sort or do they think we are just not important and don’t deserve development like electricity?” a fuming Omahanene resident Ignatius Nampala questioned.
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Nampala said they raised the issue regarding the absence of electricity in their location on many occasions, especially during community meetings with Ondangwa town council officials including the town’s Mayor Paavo Amwele.

“Imagine this location has been here since independence but we do not have power while locations that were only established a fortnight ago all have electricity. What nonsense is this? Or did they hear that we don’t vote? We also vote like any other resident of Ondangwa,” Nampala stressed.

He said residents do not know the existence of fresh food such as vegetables, meat products or fruits since they don’t have electricity in their homes.
He vowed his community will vote for opposition councilors if no electricity is provided to them by the national elections of 2024.

“They have a full year and a half to sort us out. If they don’t, we will vote for the opposition,” he threatened.

Kindergarten teacher Jacobina Haimbala also bemoans the lack of electricity in the location. She pointed out that due to the lack of electricity in the location, her kindergarten does not have equipment or machines to aid her teaching such as a photocopiers for making copies or a radio for pupils to listen to during lessons.

“We really need electricity so that things can be easier like in our neighbourhood,” Haimbala expressed.

She also pointed out that criminal acts such as burglaries and phone mugging have also increased in recent times.

Katrina Shitalangaho-Mutikisha, the town’s spokesperson told Confidente upon inquiry last week that council was aware of the predicament faced by the residents of Omahenene location.