Ondangwa warns residents on sewage pipes blockage

By Marx Itamalo

THE Ondangwa town council has implored on residents to desist from throwing rubbish and refuse in manholes, which, according to council spokesperson Petrina Shitalangaho is responsible for causing blockages in sewer pipes.
Shitalangaho made the call after Confidente contacted council following complaints from residents of locations such as Uupopo who are seething about overflowing of sewage drains which according to them has caused pools of contaminated water in the streets and poses a health hazard to their lives especially children who at times resort to playing in the dirty water.
“The council is sitting idle while the whole location is swimming in contaminated sewage water. They should come and fix the problem. It is endangering even our lives especially the small children who play in the water sometimes,” one resident complained to Confidente.

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Another resident complained that council demonstrates irresponsibility as council vehicles at times drive through pools of contaminated water yet council employees seem to not alert the responsible department. “They pass by here many times but they appear not to worry about the situation.”
However, according to Shitalangaho, the residents have themselves to blame for the troubles they find themselves in, because of their reckless and careless conduct when dealing with sewer holes. According to her, the residents intentionally open and throw or deposit refuse or rubbish into manholes which causes blockages in sewer lines. These blockages, Shitalangaho explains, also cause inward flow of sewer water back to the residential areas and subsequently into homes. Some water then forms pools in the streets, which is an eyesore to the residents and visitors alike.
“The residents are urged to refrain from depositing any materials in the manholes and also stop opening the manholes.

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Opening manholes at the same time endangers the lives of children who play in the surrounding area,” she pointed out. Shitalangaho further explained that contaminated sewage water is life-threatening as it contains human pathogens hence residents should at all cost refrain from causing the blockages intentionally.
Shitalangaho upon inquiry further stressed that due to the nature of the problem, unless, under a remarkable change of mindset on the part of the residents, the problem is unlikely to be permanently addressed. Other locations that experience the same problem are Okangwena, Onguta and Omashaka.

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