One Economy foundation transforming youths

By Tracy Tafirenyika

FIRST Lady Monica Geingos, founder of the One Economy Foundation, last week held an annual fundraising gala dinner which aims at improving the availability of microfinance and comprehensive business support for youths and second economy entrepreneurs. 

Speaking at the fundraising event, the CEO of One Economy Foundation Sem Mandela Uutoni explained that the foundation aims to serve young people whose ability to succeed is limited by various factors.

“We are creating space that is transformative and empowering, and provides young people with opportunities to develop personal and professional skills and changing the trajectory of their lives.

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“Through our education pillar we have our flagship programme which is the talented individual programme.

We have 28 highly talented learners at some top schools in the country.

They make us especially proud as they constantly achieve full and half colours. They are part of the LRCs and travelling internationally to represent the country on various platforms,” he explained.

Uutoni further explained that they have also managed to fund 46 second economy entrepreneurs and that investment is valued at N$2.6 million.

“These are not just figures they are lives and livelihoods that have been made and more still needs to be done. That is part of why we are gathered here to put our hearts and hands together to accelerate our progress and impact. Great leaders rise on occasions and that is the character exemplified by the One team over the last months.

“One of the greatest lessons we have learned and we will continue to embrace is that we do not succeed if we try to do it on our own. We need to collaborate and leverage existing resources in order to deliver inclusive and creative solutions to difficult problems,” he said.

Speaking at the occasion, Geingos explained that: “This is a country of incredible people, we believe in changing people’s lives and we do believe that this is not a charity. We have managed a lot of things in this foundation. One thing we should understand is that we need to start accommodating each other and l believe that with your help it will be possible.

“We have also secured funding for private psychologists and we have also done a lot of outreaches at schools and orphanages. Orphans are people who are also in the darkness. Children who are 15 years old have been raped and mothers are taking fathers’ sides.

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We need to start giving each other a chance.

We need to live in a country where children are protected, a country where opportunities are available regardless of the language you speak, a country where mothers can go jogging without fear. One Economy is a place where you can find happiness and with this l would like to thank everybody who has contributed to this foundation,” she said.

Confidente understands that the fundraiser raised over N$1 million.