Ongwediva spends N$ 7.4 million on residents’ safety


THE Ongwediva town council has spent more than N$7 million on capital projects aimed at enhancing residents’ safety. The projects were financed by money meant for capital projects for the financial year 2023 – 2024, which ends on 30 June this year.

This information was released by the downtown’s mayor, Taarah Shalyefu, this week. According to the mayor, the council upgraded the city’s main road to N$4.2 million to further develop the town and improve its security.

“The Ongwediva main road was always a problem with motorists, especially taxi drivers who complained about the way it was designed. Many taxi drivers complained that when it was initially designed, it did not cater for them and that it posed a formidable challenge to them when they were either loading or offloading their customers at shopping malls and complexes alongside that main road,” he stressed adding the affected shopping malls were the David Shikomba mall and the Oshana mall.

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