Oniipa councillor speaks of development

…says will prioritise agricultural projects

By Marx Itamalo

THE regional councillor for the Oniipa constituency in Oshikoto region Tulipohamba Nuunyango says the constituency residents, mainly the youth, will benefit from projects he intends setting up in the constituency in the next five years. He said this during an interview with Confidente this week.
According to him, the constituency has been lagging behind in terms of development and to bring it par with others in the region, crucial steps need to be taken.

“First of all, I want to create a conducive environment for everyone to work. And this means bringing everybody at the table to work, regardless of their political or religious affiliation.”
Agricultural projects to benefit the youth in the constituency tower above the rest in his plans for the constituency.
Nuunyango said, “We have a lot of unemployed youths in the constituency. Because jobs are hard to find, not only in our constituency but elsewhere in the country, we intend setting up agricultural projects across all our centres.”
According to him, horticulture and poultry will enjoy priority when it comes to the establishment of such projects. New earth will be dug and older fields rehabilitated in order to supply water to these projects and to provide drinking water to livestock, he added.
He stressed albeit the constituency facing a hard time two years back when the drought ravaged the area, this year a good harvest could be on the horizon looking at the good rain that has fallen and the produce in the fields.
“We had six tractors on the government ploughing scheme in the constituency and many people were assisted.

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I believe there will be a good harvest for everyone this year, “he stated.

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Nuunyango said rural communities that do not have electricity such as Ombomboli, Elago, Pukulukeni and others will be electrified soon. “We are only waiting for funds to be made available from central government,” he stressed.
In order to sensitise communities with regard to his plans for the constituency, meetings are being held across the constituency.

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We have been going around the constituency holding meetings in order to tell the people what we want to do for them,” he articulated.
According to the youthful councillor, youths who want to start businesses in order to create employment for themselves will be mentored and advised on the path they have to walk in order to establish their businesses.

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“As a constituency we have engaged officials from the Ministry of Trade and they will be visiting the office soon in order to explain to the youth on how they can start their business and how they can apply for financial assistance as well as the importance of having a registered business,” he noted highlighting that the gender and child welfare ministry together with the trade ministry will fund newly established businesses.
The councillor further stressed his constituency will soon have a police station that will be set up at Oshigambo.
“We have engaged the relevant authorities and we have taken our concerns there. We are just waiting for them to act. We need a police station. Crime is escalating,” he stressed adding robberies and stock theft cases are plaguing his constituency.
Currently, people in the constituency travel up to 35 km to seek assistance at the Onayena police station. The Oniipa constituency has a total population of 30 000.