Online music platform making strides

By Confidente Reporter

LOCAL online music store and marketing agency, ViralCom is making huge strides in the industry with different musicians now selling full albums on the platform.

Not only is it a platform for musicians to sell their music but it also aims at curbing the long coming piracy challenge in Namibia.

“Each beat has a unique SMS code and artists or individuals with the highest SMSes for a specific beat will own the beats,” said ViralCom founder Ab Amushila, adding that ViralCom is a solution for musicians and fans when it comes to the music business.

According to Amushila, to date they have sold over 25 000 units in songs on ViralCom, surpassed 85 000 incoming engagements from competitions and have loaded close to 300 songs. Currently, ViralCom has over 300 subscribers, which translates to 300 active songs.

He said ViralCom through its reply automated SMS, can also offer advertising space.

“ViralCom welcomes projects by entrepreneurs. We had projects like Namibia’s Next Big Thing by Kallo on the Beat where artists participated in a voting competition to win a 12-track album. We further had projects such as the Curfew Dance Challenge, the V10 Music Video Chart give away, and the DJ Kboz Ep competition. All these projects were successful, and were merely based on collaborations,” he stated.

Currently they face misconception as a challenge with Amushila saying that ViralCom is not a quick fix solution.

“You won’t sell if you don’t market yourself. Statistics show that artists who sell well, are those that also bring their side of the equation, such as also marketing their songs, ensuring that their fans know how to buy the music, and generally promote themselves.”

Furthermore, their new approach is that they have begun with the rollout of increasing the shares of the artist and by end of May, Amushila said they should have made an increase of 40 percent, while by beginning of 2022 another increase is expected.

“Our next focus is to really market ourselves and as such we are busy finalising our website.”

Maria Lisa Immanuel better known as ML has released her full track album on the platform and her ‘Money Music’ album is currently at number three of top selling albums.

ML is known for her diversity in the music industry and ‘Money Music’ is her fourth studio album.

ViralCom gives musicians the opportunity to market their music by submitting it for a small price. The music is then sold to fans for N$4 per SMS in exchange for a link to download the song.

“Most of my fans listen to music on their phones and get it via downloads or WhatsApp transfers. ViralCom is a cutting-edge site that caters to a niche market where fans can send a text message to receive a link to download music,” ML stated.

Amushila said their strategy has so far worked as Namibians have phone service, airtime and internet access.

“It was reported last year that N$4 billion was transferred between Blue wallet, Ewallet, and other similar services. Using that analogy in the context of Namibia, ViralCom has a high possibility of shifting digital sales because it is phone-based. Namibians are doing a fantastic job at adapting,” he further said.