Opposition parties should be called advisory political parties

By Mwayambwatji Julius Iinaani

ALLOW me passionately to express my dream of a leveraged political platform that would benefit the masses in the remote areas instead of a skewed political platform which benefits the advantaged few.

I am submitting to my fellow Namibians that it is high time we rename our opposition parties and called them advisory parties. I was never convinced and I do not think I will ever be convinces anytime soon “why do we called our political parties opposition parties?”

In fact, one may ask “Opposition parties to oppose what, development or what?” I believe that this designation has contributed greatly to failures of many of our so called opposition parties in Namibia. For the reason that, instead of the political parties concentrating on how they will contribute to the developmental agenda and issues of the country, they spend time studying loopholes in each other, and turn them into a political tool for campaign. By so doing they deny the electorate, who want nothing from them but basic services to survive, a benefit.

Do we really mean that if a political party advises the other political party or gives good advice or a suggestion in parliament they will not score votes, but they can score votes by opposing what the other parties want to do or come up with? I doubt it. And if yes, does the ruling party have time and political will to listen to an idea of a party, which by its mere existence is there to oppose them, or which is only good for its endeavour to remove it from power? I do not think so either.

I am not saying that the so called opposition parties should not be there to oppose things that are wrong or not in the best interest of the society but I am of the view that it would be much better and productive if they were called advising or recommending parties. So that they exist to advise or recommend good developmental agenda or programme instead of opposing almost anything but yet produce nothing.  I believe by so doing they will contribute to the wellbeing of the citizenry.

It is my belief that an ordinary person on the outskirts of our constituencies, the likes of people in the mountains of Otumongo in Kunene region, Ombujovakuru in Otjozondjupa, Otamazi in Oshana region and other places are not interested in political parties’ practices that are taking their needs, problems and disadvantaged circumstances as political strategy to campaign with or as a political league for them to participate for a win and lose game of current politics, as if their problems are political entertainment or sport activity.

I do consider that it could be very interesting seeing both the ruling party president and the opposition party president running to drought stricken constituencies with all means to go solve amicably and collectively the problem. Instead of the one party is busy trying this and the other is busy observing how the other party is failing so that they will use such failure as campaign tool.

Equally, I am cognizant if we were having advising parties instead of opposition parties many capable members of the opposition in our country could have served in government of the day. Of course I am acutely aware that almost in all countries the parties that are not ruling the government are called opposition and we adopted that, but my view is that that had been detrimental to our benefits and I am of the view that to start doing things in our Namibian way will be a good move to the citizenry and the development of the country and other countries will learn from us.

Dear Namibians, circumstances like the coronavirus outbreak dictate new political behavioural change and social attitudes to comply with the demand for collaboration rather than pulling apart. I am also of the view that if one is good enough to rule the country he must first start by running a constituency or a community.

But sitting down crying to be voted to run the country but you cannot even build a kindergarten in your own community is taking voters for granted. So I am challenging our fellow Namibians to start calling our respective parties to contribute to the development of the country, starting where they are now, not only dreaming to do this or that when they take power.