Oshana governor reacts to first Covid cases

By Tracy Tafirenyika

OSHANA Governor, Elia Irimari has called for calm amongst his constituents following reports of the first two Covid-19 cases in his region.

Asserting that his region was approaching this new reality with optimism, Irimari highlighted that more tests needed to be done and the preparedness level of the region could be improved.

On Monday evening, Health Minister Dr. Kalumbi Shangula announced the first case in northern Namibia as case 186, which is a 20 year-old who had travelled to the Oshana region from Walvis Bay on June 5.

On Tuesday evening another Oshana case was reported as case 204 involving a 39 year-old resident who went to Oshakati to visit her child and was tested after it emerged that she had recently travelled to Walvis Bay.

Explaining the preparedness of his region Irimari noted that his region is home to a population of 176 674 which depends on Oshakati Central Hospital which has already been equipped with 35 beds in Ward 8 and medical equipment for its quarantine facilities.

“We have isolation facilities here in Oshakati and we have received some of the essential things that we are going to use in terms of quarantine measures from the private sector and Government. The people of Oshana region are also adhering to precaution guidelines of wearing masks and sanitising their hands to control the spread of this virus,” he explained.

Irimari also highlighted his concern around large gatherings especially when people gather for beer drinking and parties explaining that this is when there is a possibility of the virus spreading more quickly in the community.