Oshigambo duo surf on musical waves


TO Simeon ‘Nostra Vista’ Kandjimwena (26) and Aron Nampunya (21), known by their group name Method Boys, the only way to spread their message of the importance of education and respecting the elders, as well as how to cope with mental atrocities that come in the form of stress, is by using the element of music.
The two upcoming artistes have been singing for a year only, having started in 2020, but their music and the message in it has already touched many souls so much so that a businessman has come on board to sponsor their first album set for release later this year.

Confidente met the two ardent musos this week to get first-hand insight and be enlightened on their short and yet impressive musical career.
“We started doing music just over a year ago.

We do kwaito pantsula, originated from our neighbour South Africa. We opted for this genre because it is popular with the youth and we are pretty sure it will take our message across,” said Nostra Vista.
He added he completed his schooling last year at Omukwiyugwemanya and that his partner is currently doing his last grade at the same school.

According to him, they usually practice on weekends due to school commitments of his partner, but now, thanks to lockdown and school closure owing to the ravaging Covid-19 pandemic, they now practice even during weekdays.
“Yes, Covid-19 is bad, but to the two of us it is a positive because schools are suspended and my partner is free and we can go to the studio to practice and record our songs so that we can release our album during December,” he noted, adding the album will be sponsored by Windhoek-based entrepreneur Michael Gabriel of Keebashu Investment.
“We are thankful to Gabriel for having believed in us and for deciding to sponsor our first album. A lot of people do not want to sponsor musicians but they should know that we also change lives through music,” he articulated.
Nostra Vista further said they will feature one artist in their album, which the title he said will be reserved in the meantime. That album will have 10 songs according to him.
On his part, Nampunya calls upon all upcoming Namibian musicians to toss their egos aside and start working together in order to strengthen the industry and grow it for it to be recognised regionally and internationally.
“Our industry is small but there is a lot of division and disunity. Big and established artists do not want to work together with us in order to groom and grow us.

When they do, it’s only for exploitation and self-enrichment,” he said adding several upcoming artists can attest to this.

He advises fellow artists to put more effort and work hard in order to get somewhere rather than where they currently are.
“The industry is tough. But you can only grow, progress and stand on your feet if you are committed, determined and hardworking,” Nampunya stressed adding that artists should be prepared to sacrifice some worldly pleasures to reach to the top.