Oshikoto to eliminate water shortages, improve sanitation


THE Oshikoto Regional Council (ORC) has embarked on a project to provide some rural communities with piped water during the 2023 – 2024 fiscal year.

Oshikoto is one of the regions in the north of the country that has long been plagued by massive water shortages, especially in its eastern sister constituencies of Nehale lya Mpingana and Eengodi.

According to chief regional officer (CRO) Christella Mwenyo, the regional council constructed a 4 km Onakahama water pipeline in the Omuntele constituency and upgraded a 4.2 km Ashingwe Vaino Nelulu water pipeline in the Onayena constituency during the financial year in review under the region’s small-scale projects to curb the scourge of water shortages.

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