Other tribes abuse the San people: National Council

• By Erasmus Shalihaxwe

AKao//Aesi Traditional Authority has told a delegation from the National Council that San people residing in the area are deprived of their rights and are abused by other tribes.

This is contained in an outreach programme report compiled by the National Council delegation team that visited the Hardap and Omaheke Regions in 2022.

The outreach programme, under the theme “Taking Parliament to the People”, was aimed at creating awareness about the representation, review, and oversight role of the National Council, engaging key stakeholders in the regions to increase public understanding and improve the perception of the public on the work of Parliament, specifically the National Council and its members.

The report was submitted this week to the National Council by its chairperson, Lukas Sinimbo Muha.

It says that the chief told the delegation that the Skoonheid resettlement farm was initially allocated to the San community by the government, but it is not the case today because the farm is occupied by other people dominating San people and pushing them out of the farm gradually.

However, the San people have voiced their dismay with the Office of the President, but up to the date of meeting with the delegation there was no feedback.

Adding that the number of inhabitants on the farm keeps increasing every year, making its grazing area smaller, at the same time, the farm is losing its value compared to when it was acquired. While there is also a misunderstanding of who the farm owners are because the inhabitants were never provided with proof of ownership when they were resettled.

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