Ou-Billem proves that age ain’t nothing but a number

By Rosalia David

AFTER scooping the ‘Best Traditional Artist of the Year’ award at the NAMAs 2020 with his song ‘Ti-E’ Anthony Auchab better known as Ou-Billem has expressed gratitude towards the support saying that ‘no matter the age, keep dreaming’.

In an interview with Confidente, Ou-Billem said, “It is an overwhelming feeling. I cannot put it in words. As much as I thought about the possibility of winning, I was really not prepared for all the emotions that came at that moment. The win means so much to me. My love for music is now rewarded.”

He said that the award is also proof that his hard work is finally paying off after joining the music industry nearly four years ago.

“I started this amazing journey three years and few months ago when my good friend and brother Hishishi Papa introduced me to the 777 Studio and Araffath. Since then I decided to continue doing my type of music without following any trend.

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I wanted to embrace my culture no matter what.”

He went on to say that being authentic is the secret behind producing or releasing good music while mentioning that the award is dedicated to his mother who passed away early this year.

Despite being taught by his late mother about embracing his own culture and  being ‘a proud Namibian,’ Ou-Billem said he has always been a huge fan of music that has an originality element in it.

“Making music is my therapy and being surrounded by so many creative people who support me is a great privilege.

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I would describe myself as a simple man who is in a blessed moment,doing just what he loves,” he added.

Now that he has walked away with the Best Traditional Artist of the Year, he revealed plans of releasing his third album next month.

“I have so much more that I want to accomplish in this journey. My fans can expect dedication to the craft and hopefully I can make songs that form part of the soundtracks to their lives! I will also be launching a new music video soon but cannot reveal a lot now,” he noted.

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Asked on what advice he would give those who are about to give up on music, Ou-Billem said, consistence and dedication is the key to any type of success.

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“I am not successful yet but all I can say is believe in yourself and be willing to learn. Be confident in your artistic expression. No matter your age,current reality or past; keep dreaming. Dreams are valid.”