Ounona exhibition impresses

By Rosalia David

VISUAL artist Hage Nasheotwalwa who has launched his ‘Ounona’ exhibition said the new collection is inspired by Namibian children illustrating their emotions through art.

In an interview with Confidente, Nasheotwalwa expressed his love for art saying that his motivation comes from his surroundings.

“As an artist, I am inspired by people and my surroundings. With the new paintings, I focused on kids, illustrating and capturing their emotions.

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Drawing is my escape. It is a God-given talent. It is a mood that just comes naturally to me,” he explained.

The exhibition was held on October 23 to 25 at Livega Restaurant in Windhoek.

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According to the free spirited artist, the venue was packed to capacity during the two-day exhibition with people buying almost all the paintings.

“People loved the drawings. Namibia is growing and more people are now starting to support artists in Namibia.

I was shocked to see people showing up with their kids,” he said.

With eight years’ experience in the visual arts industry, Nasheotwalwa said things are now starting to change with more artists joining the industry to express themselves through art.

Nasheotwalwa was born in the rural village of Okalongo which is located in northern Namibia and on the border with Angola.

He further said that his art is an expression of feelings and thoughts.

“I think it’s my responsibility as an artist to share what’s received from the world and what needs to be given back to it.  My art means everything to me, and it motivates me to keep going. It’s truly a form of positive inward and outward expressions artistically and I hope my works are received as something different from other artists,” he said adding that his dream is to develop an institute in the rural part of Namibia to cater for children with unconventional gifts.

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Asked on what advice he would give to aspiring artists, he said hard work is the secret behind any success. “Work hard, focus on your dreams and always try to be unique.

Nasheotwalwa hosts exhibitions from time to time and participates in live painting events and installations. Last year, he was one of the subjects of Lina Bullwinkel’s documentary on Namibian artists titled, ‘Journey through the mind of an artist.’