Outjo girls cricket festival a success

By Michael Uugwanga

THE town of Outjo in the Kunene region hosted its fourth successful annual girls’ cricket festival from May 6 to May 8, with the aim of promoting the sport of cricket among young females.
This was said by Cricket Namibia’s development officer Wilhelm Tuhafeni, who continues to identify young female cricketers in that part of the country.
Nara Primary school U-13 and U-15 were crowned winners in their respective age categories , while Outjo U-13 came second and Kamanjab U-13 girls was in third place in the U-13 age group.

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The cricket festival was officially opened by Outjo constituency councillor Johannes Antsino, who on the opening day urged the girls to capitalise on the opportunity given to them so that they become future top cricketers and goodwill ambassadors not only for the town but for the country as a whole.
Speaking in an interview with Confidente, Tuhafeni said he was very impressed by the effort put in by all the girls and said that the Kunene region has lots of talented young cricketers who will one day wear the colours of the national team.
The sport of cricket is mostly popular in Windhoek, Swakopmund and Walvis Bay.

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Tuhafeni is also the founder of Outjo Cricket Development, a programme he founded in 2014 and today it has reached thousands of girls and boys in the Kunene region thanks to the support of its mother body, Cricket Namibia through its Kwata Cricket programme which is aimed at developing the sport of cricket countrywide.
“The festival was aimed at identifying new talent, promote and grow girls and women cricket in Namibia. The festival was on a round robin basis where each team had to play against each other.

There were no finals, however the team with many wins was crowned as champion in both the u-13 and u-15 age group categories,” said Tuhafeni.
National women senior head coach Francois van der Merwe – who was present at the tournament- urged the organisers to continue hosting such a festival as it is seen as an important tool in identifying talents.
“This needs to be hosted more often as it is the pipeline for women’s cricket development.”
The tournament is scheduled to take place again next year.