Outrage over Angolan vendors

… as locals accuse them of robbing them of business

By Marx Itamalo

LOCAL vendors selling wares at the northern towns of Oshikango, Eenhana, Okongo, Oshakati, Outapi, Ondangwa and Omuthiya are seething at Angolan street vendors plying their trade in the streets of these towns accusing them of taking away business from them.

There has been a presence of Angola nationals in these towns, especially those believed to be from the southern Angolan province of Cunene, selling their wares in the streets of the mentioned towns over the past years. However, there appears to be an influx of more of their compatriots since the beginning of the year, and this is said to have angered their Namibia counterparts. The Namibians are fuming because the Angolans sell merchandise at incredibly cheap prices, and hence they cannot compete.

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