Ovakwanyama Queen calls for unity

…denounces corruption within OTA



OVAKWANYAMA QUEEN Martha Mwadinhomo Christian ya Nelumbu has urged members of the Ovakwanyama tribe to unite and maintain peace.

She highlighted that uniting is the only way to conquer the Ovakwanyama people’s many challenges.

She made the plea at a gathering at Okongo, last week. In attendance were senior and junior Oukwanyama traditional councillors and local politcal figures.

Queen Nelumbu remarked that she dislikes the infighting within communities under her tribal control over the years and that it has tarnished the Oukwanyama Traditional Authority (OTA).

“Let me remind everyone here today that reports of discord within our traditional authority are casting a negative light on us. Every time we are in the media, it is because of our infighting and discord. We must alter this; the only way to do so is to unite and live in peace. Peace in your home, with your neighbours, peace with everyone,” she urged.

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