Over 170 people missing

…among them are 28 children

• By Tracy Tafirenyika

WITH the nation grappling with the high number of cases where missing persons later turn up murdered, the Namibian Police (Nampol) has exclusively revealed to Confidente they are yet to find and bring back 179 people including 29 children to their families.

According to the statistics sent to Confidente by Namibian Police Inspector General, Joseph Shikongo, Khomas region recorded the highest number of cases between 2021 and 2022, where 72 people including children, most of whom are of the male sex went missing. In the same period only 35 people were found and the rest are yet to be located.

On the Khomas region recording the highest number of missing people, Khomas police Spokesperson Warrant Officer, Silas Shipandeni stated that the responsibility does not lie in the hands of the police alone but with the public as well.

“When people are reported missing in our region, records are kept but what is more challenging is that people don’t report back after finding their loved ones which makes the statistics difficult to maintain. We want to encourage the public to give feedback to the police and make sure they do not sit with cases of people that went missing and were found.

“The responsibility does not lie with the police only but also with the public, we as individuals or parents have the responsibility to make sure these cases are voided once a person is found. We keep advising people that whenever they are traveling they should notify their loved ones or people close to them. Some people go for a week without notifying anyone until something goes wrong. Some are only reported missing after a month and it will be very difficult for us to trace them,” he stated.