Ovi-trap chief to groom budding musicians

By Rosalia David

AFTER releasing his latest EP titled ‘Herero Hero’ recently, rapper Nga-I (real name Ngaihape Mupurua) has decided to take a two-year break from music to push artists’ music signed under his record label.

In an interview with Confidente, Nga-I said he is currently scouting for talent to sign under his newly established record label titled ‘Ovi-trap Records’.

“This is actually the last project I am dropping for the next two years, otherwise, I am just trying to scout for talent and drop only music videos and features.

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I am trying to make enough time to push the artists’ music that will be on the record label. I want the label to have my full attention,” he explained.

Asked on how his latest project was received so far, he said, music lovers had shown him ‘mad’ support while they continue to buy his music.

“The EP got 10 stars out of 10 rated by Michael Kayunde from Namibian Sun and I am humbled to have seen a lot of social media buzz about the project as well,” he said.

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He further described the nine track EP as an ode to his culture and roots.

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Herero Hero is produced by Davitchi and Groovy Martin.

On his latest EP he said he had not featured any musician as he wanted it to be a solo project.

“I wanted the title of the EP to speak for itself and I have featured a lot of musicians before but this time I just wanted to be the only one on the project.

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I didn’t want to dilute it that much plus Covid-19 didn’t allow us to be in the studio a lot,” he said.

Explaining how he fell in love with the type of genre he does, Nga-I said he wanted to liberate the Herero culture and music into the modern world as he felt like they were left behind in terms of music.

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He said, “We are old fashioned and a lot of people just like Oviritje music, I also do but I wanted to make sure that, in the modern age music and entertainment, I preserve the culture. “

He added that he also wanted to do something different and unique from everyone else as well as for his own identity and therefore he decided to strictly stick to rapping in his native language as no one else was doing it.

Nga-I further announced that he will be releasing a music video on Independence Day that he shot at the Heroes’ Acre.