Oyetu Naturals, a solution to skin and hair

By Confidente Reporter

OYETU Naturals line, a hair, body and skin care range that operates under the company Linetu Investment Solutions offers the best products freshly made from indigenous plants and herbs.

In an interview with Confidente this week, founder of Oyetu Naturals line, Paulina Lita revealed the secret ingredients behind the growing brand.

“We come from a background where we make use of indigenous plants, herbs and ingredients for hair, body and skin care.

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We thought that the time has come to share the secrets of how our ancestors, who had rich deep connections with nature used the blessing of the earth to care for hair, skin and body using mainly ingredients provided by the natural environment,” she said.

Lita explained that the indigenous plants, herbs and other ingredients used since antiquity by ‘wise Namibians and many Africans’ are being carried forth by Oyetu Naturals to make skin, hair and body care products that are unique and delightfully exceptional for the senses.

She added that with the growing concern of toxic cosmetics and their side effects, Oyetu Naturals advocates for eco-friendly products that contain no toxins and provide the necessary nutrients, minerals and vitamins.

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“The fact that Namibia is full of so many recourses, it has been our dream to create so many things using our resources to empower and develop the livelihood of our people and the economy at large.”

Lita further revealed that what makes their products more unique compared to others in the market is that, all ingredients used are strictly from Namibian resources which are collected and prepared by local people as well.

“All our hair, skin and body products are 100 percent natural -made from raw, authentic collection of Namibian and other African natural ingredients- such as shea butter, oontanga, oombeke, moringa, neem, marula, watermelon, eucalyptus, macaroot, Nara and many others.

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Lita added that their products play a vital role in smoothening, healing, enhancing and revealing the true inner beauty of the body, skin, mind and soul while making natural hair more manageable.

“Our product stimulates hair growth, enhances a healthy scalp, repairs edges, restores bald spots, repairs split ends, strengthens the roots, nourishes scalps and hair, improves circulation, soothes scalps, prevents flaking and dandruff, conditions and softens hair.

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She said Oyetu Naturals also offers skin care products which help to treat acne, dark spots, and promote glowing skin.

“Our face products can assist with balancing the skin pH levels, treat eczema and dry skin. Additionally, we offer other herbal products and teas that help with healing wounds and detoxing while producing edible marula oil.

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We sell beard oil, and lip balm as well.

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